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[14 Apr 2004|08:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=GYRZGSK&key=TMX Click on that to rate me

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[03 Feb 2004|07:03pm]
Do I still have it?Collapse )
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New [17 Dec 2003|05:20pm]

here's my picsCollapse )
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[15 Nov 2003|10:05pm]

NewCollapse )
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*new_ [16 Nov 2003|04:56pm]
sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, hopefully some of them will be okay *thumbs up* my webcam wasnt co-operating..dahh well *sighs* :x

i feel pretty..:x..Collapse )
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X-Posted and Stamped! [05 Nov 2003|08:44pm]

I just took some new pictures of me!!! So I'm gonna be vain and post them!

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Newbie (X-posted) [22 Oct 2003|08:52pm]

Hi all! New to the community. This is X-posted in nothotlikewoah.

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hiya [09 Oct 2003|11:13pm]

took these last night..Collapse )

im 16.. going on 17.. name is: Jen
junior in high school in a shitty area..(somewhere in Southern Cali)
Hopefully you guys will think im cute otherwise.. oh well haha
Favorite Bands : RATFE, EBE, PP, M5, and Mb..
well dont know what else to put..
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[07 Oct 2003|06:26pm]

Hello, My name is Anthony, 17, and I reside is a shitty desert-town named Imperial/El Centro (California). It's 2 hours from a major city you all might know as San Diego. There's not a lot of things for the teens of my area to do on the weekends other than get drunk, so guess what I do? Drink! Yeah, I enjoy drinking at parties, meeting new people, and whatnot. After I graduate this year I'll be enrolling at ITT at their Anaheim campus to study I/T, Networking, and many other things. That's all I can think of for now, so here's some pictures. Let me warn you that some are EXTREMELY CHEESY and old (eg: the wrestling one...wayy too funny) I don't have many good pics for some reason =/ (sorry about the compression, I didn't have time to compress them. So dialup users: beware)

Pictures, Broadband recommendedCollapse )
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Hello Everyone ! [17 Sep 2003|08:35pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My name is Christy. I am 20 years old and am currently living in Sunny (though not very sunny right now) Florida :) Below is a picture of me a halloween or two ago. I need to let my hair grow that long again. It looked spiffy I think. Anyways, ask me anything. Nice to meet everyone.

pix and suchCollapse )

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[05 Sep 2003|06:02pm]

How come getting catcalled makes one feel so..ugly and horrible? I don't get it.. As bitchy as this sounds, I get all pissed if I'm not noticed. But when I do..
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I'm Alive! [04 Sep 2003|04:58pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey everyone... I'm sorry that I haven't been around very much the past few weeks. CNU's internet server crashed and then was attacked by 3 viruses... 2 of which were the Blaster viruses and one was the Welchia virus. Ugh, not fun. So any updating I've ever done has been in my personal LJ because I only had 30 minutes on the computers...

But anyways, hopefully I'm back for a while! We'll see if the net will stay up... seeing as they got York River (my dorm) up, I'll presume we are. :D

So I'll definitely try to post more pictures this week!!!

Love y'all, talk to you soon!!!


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new kid on the block. [04 Sep 2003|04:34pm]
liverpool/manchester, england
about 57485 pictures right hereCollapse )
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Were not working out, this time I mean it. Nevermind the times Ive seen it. [03 Sep 2003|02:38am]

[ mood | cold ]

Hi. Im Drew. Im 14. I live on Long Island which branches off of New York. The only reason people know us is because we produce amazing bands (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, From Autumn To Ashes etc..).

Well, heres some new pics of me and my friend Jack playing around in his basement. If your curious the song we were playing was My Chemical Romance- Vampires Will Never Hurt You. I am ugly. But you know everythings worth a try.

And Cross The Patron Saint Of Switchblade Fights, She Said Collapse )
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That's so me! [29 Aug 2003|10:13am]

I'm new, I found this community trying to find communities for Dashboard Confessional, but yeah. I thought it was a cute idea, I have only joined one of the rating communities once before; I got rejected because I was straight! here you go

My name is Ally. I am 13. I live in Georgia. I am total sex. Collapse )
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*waves* [25 Aug 2003|05:42pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

hello. my names linsey and i'm 16. be nice. lol.

A Star Up In The SkyCollapse )

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New [18 Aug 2003|07:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Im Leish, 17, from Australia.
judge me..Collapse )

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Stamped and X-posted! [15 Aug 2003|03:53pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

About a week ago I chopped even more of my hair off... it's crazy! I hated it last week, but it's grown out a little bit, and it's also grown on me, SO... I decided to release it into the world!!!

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up the stairs [14 Aug 2003|09:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i'm greta!

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Heya [14 Aug 2003|11:46am]

Hey everyone, I couldn't quite remember if I could plug other communities here, so if I can't, go ahead and remove the post.

Anyways, there's a new community that just started called bb_bitches, and it's kick ass. It is a rating community, but you're allowed to be your natural bitch without people jumping down your throat about how catty and mean you're being. Once you're a member, you can bitch all you want!!!

So come and join, we're trying to make this a huge community, so bring all of your good friends too! ;)

Thanks y'all,
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