Anthony (anth0r) wrote in we_are_all_cute,

Hello, My name is Anthony, 17, and I reside is a shitty desert-town named Imperial/El Centro (California). It's 2 hours from a major city you all might know as San Diego. There's not a lot of things for the teens of my area to do on the weekends other than get drunk, so guess what I do? Drink! Yeah, I enjoy drinking at parties, meeting new people, and whatnot. After I graduate this year I'll be enrolling at ITT at their Anaheim campus to study I/T, Networking, and many other things. That's all I can think of for now, so here's some pictures. Let me warn you that some are EXTREMELY CHEESY and old (eg: the wrestling one...wayy too funny) I don't have many good pics for some reason =/ (sorry about the compression, I didn't have time to compress them. So dialup users: beware)

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